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Casper vs Orvis Dog Bed: Best Dog Bed?

Casper vs Orvis Dog Bed (cover)
A Quick Comparison and Review

Are you confused about choosing between the Casper Dog Bed and Orvis Dog Beds?

Orvis offers various dog beds, but I will compare their best-selling bed (Orvis Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed) vs. Casper’s best-selling Bed (Casper Bolster Dog Bed).

Both beds offer great features, such as memory foam support and bolsters, making them comfortable and supportive.

While also being non-toxic and durable enough to last over time.

We’ll take an in-depth look at each product, so by the end of this review, you can decide which one is best suited for your dog’s needs.

So let’s get started!

Casper Vs. Orvis Dog Bed: Quick Overview

Here is a quick comparison between Casper and Orvis Dog Bed.

FeatureCasper Dog BedOrvis Dog Bed
Size3 sizes: Small, Medium, and Large4 sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large
WeightSmall: 5 lbs, Medium: 8 lbs, Large: 10 lbsNot specified
Style4 sided Bolsters, supportive foam bolsters on the mattress3 sided Bolsters, plush, streamlined, polyester-filled bolster
Cover MaterialsNylon, Polyester, and Olefin Cover, microfiber blended materialQuilted Upholstery Grade Fabric
Support MaterialMemory FoamMemory Foam
CleaningRemovable Cover, Machine WashableRemovable Cover, Machine Washable
ZippersHidden ZippersNot specified
Price$$ (Check Price)$$$ (Check Price)
Colors4 colors8 colors
Made inDesigned and assembled in the USAUSA, crafted-to-order in Roanoke, Virginia
WarrantySubject to 1-year Limited Dog Bed WarrantyWarranty only available for the ToughChew® dog bed lines
Check on AmazonCheck on Orvis


I will start by comparing the size of the Casper and Orvis Dog beds.

Because size is the first thing you must consider when looking for a dog bed for your buddy.

And messing up the bed size can lead to a less comfortable sleeping space for your dog.

The Casper Dog Bed comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large.

Small beds can accommodate dogs up to 30 lbs, medium sizes up to 60 lbs, and large up to 90 lbs.

On the other hand, the Orvis Dog Bed comes in four sizes: small, medium, large, and X-large.

Small for dogs up to 40 lbs., medium for dogs 40-60 lbs., large for dogs 60-90 lbs, and X-Large for dogs 90-120 lbs.

The Casper Dog Bed can easily accommodate small to large breeds, but if you have a giant breed, the Orvis Bolster Dog Bed has you covered with an X-large size.


The bed style or shape is also essential when comparing dog beds.

The bed style depends on the personal preference of your dog’s sleeping habits.

Some dogs like to sleep in a curled position, while others love to sleep in more of a stretched position.

The Casper Dog Bed only comes in a bolstered design, which means it is excellent for dogs that like to curl up while sleeping and feel secure.

On the other hand, Orvis has multiple dog beds that range from bolsters to flat beds.

Flat beds are great for dogs that like to nap sprawled out.

One of the flat beds from Orvis I like is the Orvis Memory Foam Platform Dog Bed.


Let’s now compare Casper and Orvis’s Dog Bed’s weight.

The Casper Dog Bed comes in three sizes, and their weights range from 5 lbs (small), 8 lbs (medium), and 10 lbs (large).

Since the Orvis Dog Bed does not specify how much each size weighs, it’s hard to say how much their beds weigh.

But judging by its size and shape, the Orvis Dog Bed may be a bit heavier than the Casper Dog Bed.

Material & Durability:

I know many dog owners worry about the material and durability of buying a quality bed for their four-legged friends.

I will compare the cover and the support material of both beds so that you get a clear idea of what is used in both beds:

Cover Material:

The Casper Dog Bed features a nylon, polyester, and olefin blended cover that is durable and rip-resistant.

The bed also has excess material for dogs that like to dig or scratch around the edges of their beds when they sleep.

The Orvis Dog Bed, on the other hand, features a quilted upholstery-grade fabric that is also designed to be durable and robust.

The quilted material adds an extra layer of comfort for your pup.

Both beds come in multiple colors, so you have some options to choose from!

Support Material:

The Casper Dog Bed has a memory foam and durable support foam combination.

The memory foam relieves pressure points for your dog, while the support foam provides a firmer base to keep them comfortable all night long.

The Orvis Dog Bed has orthopedic memory foam that supports the joints and muscles of your pup, relieves pressure points, and improves circulation.

The foam is certified with low-VOC CertiPUR-US standards, guaranteeing it was made without any phthalates, formaldehyde, or heavy metals.

Overall, both beds are made with quality materials, and you have some great options to choose from.

Ease of Cleanliness:

The bed you are considering should be easy to clean.

Accidents are bound to happen because we all know our little furry friends are not so keen on keeping themselves neat.

Both beds have removable, machine-washable covers.

The Casper Dog Bed can be washed in cold water on a gentle cycle and should be tumble-dried on low.

You can also use an enzyme-based spot cleaner for tougher stains.

The Orvis Dog Bed’s hypoallergenic and water-resistant liner keeps the memory foam inside clean and dry, even if accidents occur. In addition, the cover can easily be removed for washing as needed.


You should also consider the bed’s warranty when comparing Casper and Orvis’s Dog Bed.

Casper Dog Bed comes with a 1-year limited dog bed warranty that covers defects due to workmanship and materials.

The Orvis Dog Bed only has a warranty for the ToughChew® dog bed lines.

If a dog does manage to chew through the bed, Orvis is happy to provide a refund of the purchase price.

What Customers Say:

It’s also important to know what other people say about these beds.

And after analyzing thousands of customer reviews, I found some common pros and cons of both beds that I have summarised below:

Casper Dog Bed:

The Casper Dog Bed has generally received positive reviews, with most customers claiming to be impressed with their purchase.

Among the many advantages I identified were its comfort, longevity, and ability to keep dogs off furniture.

However, some negative reviews addressed issues such as it’s not water resistant and the bolster height might be small for some dogs.

Orvis Dog Bed:

The Orvis Dog Bed has been met with a variety of opinions.

Some people felt the cost to be well worth it and thought the bed had outstanding quality, while others thought it was overpriced for what they received.

Additionally, some customers were not pleased with the size options and found that the bed was smaller than expected.

On the other hand, many customers still enjoyed their purchase and found it comfortable and well-made.


The last thing I will put on this comparison list is the price.

Which is one of the critical factors for some people.

While Orvis offers many different bed options, Casper Dog Bed is much more affordable than Orvis. You can check the prices of both beds below:

Casper vs. Orvis Dog Bed: The Winner

When choosing the best dog bed, there are many factors to consider.

After comparing Casper and Orvis Dog Beds based on materials, ease of cleanliness, warranty options, customer reviews, and prices – I found that both beds offer quality features at different price points.

For those looking for an affordable option with great comfort features such as memory foam support and bolsters, the Casper Dog Bed may be a good fit.

However, if you’re willing to invest in a high-quality luxury product that is durable enough to last over time, the Orvis Bolster Dog Bed is your ideal choice.

Whichever you choose, make sure it’s comfortable for your furry friend – because they deserve only the best!

However, if you are unsatisfied with both beds, you may want to check out our roundup reviews of the best dog beds for different breeds and comparisons.

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