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Casper vs Barney Dog Bed: Which Luxury Bed Reigns Supreme?

Casper vs Barney Dog Bed (cover)
Casper vs Barney Dog Bed

Are you looking for the perfect dog bed that is both comfortable and stylish?

If so, you’ve likely heard of Casper and Barney – two of the most popular luxury dog beds on the market. 

In this article, we will compare these two beds (Casper vs Barney Dog Bed) side-by-side to determine which reigns supreme regarding sizes, cover, comfort, durability, style, and affordability.

We’ll also look at what customers say about both beds so you can make an informed decision when shopping for your furry friend.

If you want a quick answer, the Casper Dog Bed is best overall.

However, you may read the article below about why I think Casper is the best overall dog bed and why one should also consider the Barney Dog Bed.

If you’re ready to find out which dog bed is perfect for your furry friend, keep reading for Casper and Barney dog bed reviews and recommendations.

Let’s get started!

Key Features: Casper vs Barney Review

Here’s a quick comparison between both beds:

FeatureCasper Dog BedBarney Dog Bed
SizesSmall, Medium, and LargeSmall, Medium, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large
Cover MaterialsNylonMicrofiber
Support MaterialMemory FoamMemory Foam
CleaningRemovable Cover, Machine WashableRemovable Cover, Machine Washable
ZippersHidden ZippersHidden Zippers
Price$$ (Check Price)$$$ (Check Price)
ColorsBlue, Eucalyptus, Gray, SandNeutral Cool Gray
Made inUSAChina


I will start by comparing both bed sizes first.

Choosing the right bed size ensures your furry friends stay comfortable while they rest.

Casper comes in three sizes: Small (L26″ x W19″ x H6″), Medium (L25″ x W33″ x H6″), and Large (L35″ x W45″ x H7″).

Casper Dog bed Sizes

Whereas Barney Dog Bed offers five sizes: Small (L29″ x W23″ x H6″), Medium (L37″ x W29″ x H7.7″), Large (L45″ x W35″ x H7.7″), X-Large (L61″ x W43″ x H8.7″) and XX-Large (L79″ x W51″ x H10.5″).

Barney Dog Bed Small Size
Barney Dog Bed XX-Large Size

Casper’s three sizes allow you to choose between beds perfect for small, medium, and large dogs.

In contrast, Barney Dog Bed offers a huge selection of sizes that can accommodate toy breeds to giant breeds, giving you more variety when choosing the right size bed for your 4-legged buddy!


You’ll want to choose a bed that fits your dog’s lifestyle and personality.

It’s important because not all dogs are the same.

Some dogs like to sleep in a curl up in a ball, while others like to stretch their legs out flat.

dog bed style recommendation for dog sleeping in a curl position.
Dog Sleeping in a Curl Position

Both beds feature a bolstered design which is excellent for dogs who like to curl up.

However, if your dog likes to sleep in a stretched position, you may need to check out our roundup reviews of other dog beds.


The weight of the bed also matters.

If the bed is too heavy, it can be difficult for you to move it around when you want to change the position of your dog’s bed.

The Casper Dog Bed weighs 5 lbs for a small, 8 lbs for a medium, and 10 lbs for a large.

Meanwhile, the Barney Dog Bed weighs 6.2 lbs for a small, 11.5 lbs for a medium, 15 lbs for a large, 28.7 lbs for an X-Large, and 48.5 lbs for an XX-Large.

So if you are looking for a lightweight bed that can be easily moved around, the Casper Dog Bed may be the better option.

Material and Durability: 

When selecting a bed, you should always consider what material is used and how durable it is.

I bet you don’t want a bed that won’t even last at least one year!

The Casper Dog Bed is made of nylon fabric, which is more durable than most other fabrics.

It also has a memory foam insert, providing your dog with the extra support and cushioning they need.

Meanwhile, the Barney Dog Bed is made of microfiber fabric, which is softer and more comfortable for furry friends.

It also has a memory foam insert that offers extra support.

And both beds come with hidden zippers so your doggy won’t break them.

Generally, both have almost the same level of material and durability.

However, the Casper Dog Bed is manufactured in the USA, while Barney beds are designed in Australia and manufactured in China.

But that doesn’t mean the Barney beds are cheaply made.

They’ve sourced quality European fabrics and high-density memory foam that have been trialed and tested for years to ensure the best quality.


A dog bed must be easy to clean.

We all know our little furry friends are not so tidy when playing and sleeping!

You don’t want a bed on which you have to spend hours hand washing it.

So, in the case of the Casper and Barney Dog Beds, both feature a removable cover that is machine washable.

Therefore, both are easy to clean.


Having a choice of colors for your dog bed can help you find one that fits into the overall look of your home decor.

Casper Dog Bed comes in 4 colors: Blue, Eucalyptus, Gray, and Sand.

Barney Dog Bed is only available in one Neutral Cool Gray color.

So, if you want to add some vibrancy to your home decor, the Casper Dog Bed has you covered!


So, after analyzing thousands of customer reviews for each dog bed, I found some common pros and cons of each bed, and below is the summary for each bed:

Casper Dog Bed:

The Casper Dog Bed is widely praised for its comfort, quality, and durability.

Customers have noted that it can accommodate dogs of all physical conditions and is resistant to wear and tear.

However, some customers noted the small bed was too small for their dogs. Hence, they advised double check size before purchasing.

But other than that, reviews are pretty positive.

Barney Dog Bed:

The Barney Dog Bed, on the other hand, has mixed reviews from customers.

Overall, many people are satisfied with the quality and comfort of the bed and appreciate the support material for even older or larger dogs.

However, some customers have had negative experiences with the bed, such as not holding up to their dogs’ scratching and digging.


Now, let’s finally talk about the price.

The price of each bed depends on the size of the bed, but generally, the Barney Dog Beds are more expensive than the Casper.

The Barney Dog Beds range from $180 to $500, while the Casper range is priced from approximately $100 to $200.

Casper vs Barney Dog Bed: The Winner

So, after comparing the Casper and Barney Dog Beds side-by-side, I would say the Casper Dog Bed is the best overall.

The Casper Dog Bed offers excellent support, comfort, and durability and is relatively cheaper than its competitor.

Moreover, it offers more colors to choose from.

However, if you are looking for a bed with more size options that is comfortable, then the Barney Dog Bed is worth it.

If unsatisfied with both beds, you can read our dog bed reviews for different breeds. I’m sure you’ll find something that you like!

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