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About us

Alejandro Morales

Best Dog Resources is a website created by dog lovers for dog lovers. 

Welcome to Best Dog Resources. My name is Alejandro Morales , the founder, and editor of I’ve been obsessed with dogs since I got my first puppy at the age of nine. 

Unfortunately, my dog, Buck, got ill and passed away in 2020. And, as I live in an undeveloped area where vets are unavailable, my only source for treatment for my Buck was the internet. But unfortunately, I couldn’t find any reliable information online. 

So, in memory of Buck and for the sake of the online dog community, I created as an ultimate resource for dog lovers. 

Buck is a hub for dog lovers who want to give their 4-legged buddy a better and healthy life. Our central focus is on dog beds and other accessories. 

I don’t consider myself a vet, but I have gained enough knowledge throughout the years living with Buck to give dog owners knowledgeable and factual advice. 

I double-check every fact because I know your dog is important to you, as my Buck was to me.

Alejandro Morales
Founder of