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How We Review Dog Products

How We Review Dog Products
Review Guidelines

We understand the importance of giving your dog the best. After all, dogs are our lovely companions who’re by our side no matter what. 

Therefore, we thought you would be interested in knowing how we choose the best dog products (i.e., Dog beds) for reviews.

Things We Do

Here are the things we do before choosing a product for reviewing:

Look for Certified Products

Although not all dog products are certified, when looking through products, we try to review a certified product over a non-certified product.

At, we provide reviews of dog beds, with a focus on CertiPUR-US certified options.


Certified dog beds are free from harmful chemicals and provide optimum comfort and rest.

Research Through User Reviews

When going through different products, we not only take our own experience and knowledge gain through over the years, but we also consider what other customers who have bought the product have to say about it. 

User Reviews

We scour through positive and negative comments and reviews and then provide you with the information in simple pros and cons under each product review.

Consider the Dog’s Breed, Size, and Age

As you know, each dog is unique and has different needs. When considering a product, we take a dog’s breed, size, age, etc, into consideration for choosing the best option. 

Consider the Dog’s Breed, Size, and Age

For example, a dog with joint issues may need an orthopedic bed, but on the other hand, a dog with a thick coat living in a hot area may need an elevated or cooling gel bed for temperature regulation. 

Understand What the Product Offer

Understanding what the product offers and what the company claims is also crucial. 

We ​​extensively go through each product’s features and pros & cons and choose the product that provides the best mix. 

Different types of beds fulfill different needs. And when researching through, we ensure the features match the needs of your particular dog. 

For example, some dogs with chewing behavior require a bed with chew-proof features, while others with good behavior need a simple, affordable bed. 


Some of the features of dog beds we look into are:

  1. Sizes available
  2. Colors available
  3. Non-skid bottom
  4. Waterproof or resistant proof liners
  5. Washability
  6. Chew-Proof Cover
  7. Cover fabric material (e.g., Polyester, Faux Fur, etc.)
  8. Foam Types (e.g., memory foam, orthopedic foam, cooling gel foam, etc.)

Look into Pricing

Finnaly we also consider the pricing and rating of each bed. We know everyone has different budgets. So when reviewing products, we consider products in different price ranges.

For example, we review products that don’t break the bank, but we also review products that are luxury & premium. 

So you will indeed find a product of your budget in our reviews. 

I hope you’re now satisfied with our guidelines for reviewing dog products. Although, if you have any queries, you can share them with us by Contacting us

Thank you!