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Is Pine Straw Good for Dog Bedding (Safe or Harmful?)

Is Pine Straw Good for Dog Bedding
Is Pine Straw Good for Dog Bedding (Safe or Harmful?)

If you’re considering pine straw for your dog bedding and wonder if it is safe or not. Then you’re at the right place.

Pine straw is abundant in nature and considered safe for dog beds. It has some benefits, such as it is a good insulator and gives a natural look to the decor of your place. However, there are some drawbacks too, such as ingesting it, which can irritate a dog’s stomach linings.

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Is Pine Bedding Safe for Dogs?

The Pine Straws are the fallen needles of pine trees. It’s a popular choice as a natural material among dog owners for dog beds

The pine straws are great natural insulators that will give your decor a natural look and keep your 4-legged buddy warm in winter. 

But is it safe for dogs, and is it suitable for dog bedding? 

Pine straws are safe for dogs if your dog doesn’t ingest or is allergic to them. 

If the pine straws are ingested, it can irritate the lining of your dog’s stomach, and in rare cases, it can puncture the lining, too. 

Or if your dog is prone to allergies, it can cause respiratory issues. 

Also, pine is not a soft material, so it may not provide the same cushioning as a regular dog bed.

So, should you consider pine for dog bedding? 

Yes, you can use pine for your dog bed if… 

  • Your dog is trained and won’t ingest the pine straws.
  • Your dog is not allergic to them.
  • & your dog is young with healthy joints; as mentioned above, pine straws are less soft than commercial dog beds.

How to Find Pine Straw?

Now that you’ve ensured that pine straw suits your dog, you may wonder where to get it.

The pine straw is abundant in garden centers and home improvement stores.

Commercially, you can also find pine straw in bulk through online platforms.

How to Find Pine Straw?
How to Find Pine Straw?

To find pine straw in your local area through Google, you may search [“Buy Pine Straw” + “Location”].

Before searching for it online, remove the quotes and the plus sign, and in the location, mention the area you want to buy in. 

What Are Good Alternatives to Pine Straw?

For some people, pine straw may not be suitable for various reasons. And if you’re one of those people, you don’t need to worry, as there are some alternatives to pine straw.

The first one is the most obvious: a commercial dog bed. I will always recommend a commercial dog bed for its ease of use and cleaning. But as you are reading this article, you might’ve already ruled out that option. 

The other two options are: 

Wood Chips 

Wood chips, such as cedar or pine, are good options.

Wood chips are much longer lasting than straws and will repel fleas, ticks, and other insects. It will offer good insulation to your dog. And it also has a pleasing aroma. 

But the same as straws, it can cause allergies in some dogs. 


The newspaper is another option for dog bedding. 

But it would be best if you only considered it when left with no other suitable options. 

Though newspaper is cheap and readily available, they are not durable and will only last for a while. Once it’s wet, it is not usable anymore.

So it can be suitable only for temporary and emergency use. 

Is Your Puppy Obsessed With Eating Pine Straw?

If you’ve got a pine straw dog bedding or a large backyard area covered in mulch/wood chips/pine needles. And your dog has become obsessed with eating various bits of wood or pine needles. 

And you’re worried about your dog’s health. 

What can you do to discourage him from eating this stuff? 

If you don’t want your dog to eat something that is not supposed to be eaten, like pine straws, and it has become increasingly frustrating to go outside, and your dog spends the first 15 minutes trying to find this stuff to eat. 

Then, one of the solutions you may find is to give your dog a chew toy such as the “Wood Flavored Chewtoy.” 

Due to the woody flavor, your dog will think it’s something natural, and you’ll notice with time that your dog will chew more on it than material such as Pine straw, which is bad for the stomach. 

Is Pine Bedding Safe for the Environment?

When considering a material for your dog’s bed, one should know if it is safe for the environment. 

Because as good inhabitants of the Earth, we must care for the environment and reduce our carbon footprints as much as possible. 

Is Pine Bedding Safe for the Environment?
Is Pine Bedding Safe for the Environment?

The good thing about pine straw is that it is a natural material found in abundance. It’s safe for the environment. 

Pine straws give a decorative look to the ground and are a natural covering. Although, you may also find different insects and lizards taking cover in it. 

It is also great for suppressing unwanted weed growth, and due to its temperature regulation properties, it regulates the soil temperature. 


Here are frequently asked questions about whether pine straw is good for dog bedding: 

Can Pine Needles Harm Dogs?

Pine needles are safe in dog products like beds and are not harmful to dogs. However, you should remember that it can cause allergies if your dog is prone to it or can be harmful if ingested. For more details, please read the above section on it. 

Is Pine Straw Good for Dog Bedding in Winter? 

Yes, pine straw is an excellent natural insulator. It keeps the temperature regulated. Therefore, it is suitable for dog bedding in winter to keep your dog warm. 

What Is the Warmest Bedding for Outside Dogs?

Many options are available, but the K&H Pet Products Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper Heated Bolster Pet Bed is a great dog bed for keeping your dog warm and cozy due to its heating properties. 

Does Pine Straw Attract Insects, Mice, or Snakes?

Pine straw itself won’t attract insects, mice, or snakes, but it can provide a suitable environment for them to burrow and hide once they find it. 


Pine straws are the needles of pine trees that have fallen. It is safe for dogs and can be used in dog bedding. However, avoid it if your dog is allergic to it or tries to eat it. 

Eating pine straw can cause your dog’s stomach lining to irritate and even can cause puncture in severe cases.

Besides that, pine straws are suitable for insulation, affordable, and eco-friendly. 

Though pine straws are good for dog bedding, they’re less soft and comfortable than commercial dog beds. 

If you want to look for a comfortable commercial dog bed without spending too much time researching which one is better for your dog, you can read our dog bed buying guides

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